Budo Junior Tour

The Budo Camp 2016 started at Budo Junior school with a tour of the school premises. It was conducted by the Director of Studies- Mr. David Lule and later joined by the Deputy. The tour was wonderful as we saw various developments such as VIP toilets, waterborne washrooms, washing machines, rennovated structures, the sickbay, cctv cameras, computer room etc… the School is indeed recovering at a great pace. Gakyali Mabaga!!!



Sneak peak in some of the event activities at King’s College, Budo during the Camp held from 3rd-4th September


16th July 2016 was this years’ King’s College Budo Sports day.  This year was particularly special as it ended the sports championship drought in England and Grace. Over the last ten years and more, both houses have not won any sports day.  Grace house celebrated even more as it won M.D.D competitions as well. These are some pictures of what went down……