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Kabaka’s 61st Birthday

The Kabaka of Buganda recently celebrated his 61st birthday. the celebrations were held at King’s College Budo to mark this memorable day – 13th April 2016. Below are some pictures of the fun filled event.


DSC_0043 (800x537)
Officials welcome the Kabaka
DSC_0056 (800x537)
Official opening of the new school gate by the Kabaka

DSC_0077 (800x537)

DSC_0062 (800x537)

DSC_0063 (800x537)
students playing the drams

DSC_0085 (800x537)

DSC_0084 (800x537)

DSC_0233 (800x537)
The Buganda Kingdom Royal Family
DSC_0586 (800x537)
Guests receive lunch, at the fore front, Mrs. Kasule Mulimba BJS representative to the OBC

DSC_0583 (800x537)

DSC_0574 (800x537)
Hon. Margaret Nantongo Zziwa and Bunyoro Kingdom representative have a light chat
DSC_0538 (800x537)
The Kabaka Of Buganda moving to cut the cake
DSC_0524 (800x537)
Kabaka Ronald Edward Mutebi II giving his speech, Nnabageraka Sylvia Nagginda seated by his side
DSC_0516 (800x537)
Bunyoro Kingdom Representatives present gift to the Kabaka
DSC_0478 (800x537)
The Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga introducing Politicians in attendance to the Kabaka
DSC_0410 (800x537)
OBC President (Blue coat) with KCB teachers present gifts to the Kabaka
DSC_0403 (800x537)
King’s College Budo Headteacher Mr. Bakka Male, giving a speech. With him are representatives from the School and Club
DSC_0356 (800x537)
Budo Junior Students entertain the Kabaka and his guests
DSC_0141 (800x537)
The Kabaka taking a picture with the staff members of King’s College Budo
DSC_0140 (800x537)
The Kabaka, Nnabagereka and staff members
DSC_0134 (800x537)
Patriots of the first three headmasters, Rev. H.W Weatherhead, Rev. H.T.C Weatherhead and H.M Grace.
DSC_0094 (800x537)
R-L The Kabaka and his Katikiro
DSC_0100 (800x537)
The Kabaka Planting a tree near the new Administration Block