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Who We Are ?

Old Budonians' Club is a place where former King’s College Budo and Budo Junior Students can stay in touch, find out about upcoming reunions and other events, and even share memories. Register and get your free account as you join this growing network. The Club would like to create a real conversation between our alumni, one which will allow you to communicate with us and fellow alumni.

We already meet at events and reunions, speak on a daily basis and interact on social media sites but we want to do more. This is an ongoing project and be sure to keep checking these web pages to find out what's going on.

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Testimonials from Members

  • Joining the Old Budonians’ Club was a choice worth while. I started as a part timer in 2013 attending events as a sales assistant and estates management assistant. When opportunity arose in 2015, I chose to pursue the management of the Club as Administrator putting to a break the technical aspect of my training and exploring the management training received at university; having done industrial engineering and management. - ADMINISTRATOR
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