Who We Are

Old Budonians’ Club is a place where former King’s College Budo and Budo Junior Students can stay in touch, find out about upcoming reunions and other events, and even share memories. Register and get your free account as you join this growing network. The Club would like to create a real conversation between our alumni, one which will allow you to communicate with us and fellow alumni.

We already meet at events and reunions, speak on a daily basis and interact on social media sites but we want to do more. This is an ongoing project and be sure to keep checking these web pages to find out what’s going on.

The Constitution

The objectives of the club shall be:

  • To promote among its members the spirits enshrined in the formation of King’s College, Budo (hereinafter called the school)
  • To foster fellowship among its members through social, intellectual, and sporting activities.
  • To render material, financial, spiritual and other assistance to the school.
  • To provide a link between members and the school
    Generally to promote the school motto, “GAKYALI MABAGA

Donate To OBC

The Old Budonian’s Club has largely come this far due to the good will and generosity of her members. It’s through your selflessness that the Club has been able to accomplish all major projects that have been undertaken. Currently, the Club is in the process of completion of the King’s College, Budo Swimming pool, and thus in a UGX. 400m (Four hundred Million shillings) fundraising drive, which we hope we shall successfully end by 2014.


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