About The Awards

About The Awards
The King’s College Budo Awards are one of the most prestigious Awards in Uganda today. These Awards were introduced by the Board of governors in 1988 to honor Old Budonians who have achieved professionally, academically and played a great role to the development of this nation and the world over. These Awards also cater for those who have tirelessly offered distinguished service to King’s College Budo. Over the years a number of distinguished Budonians have received these Awards namely: Eridad Mulira, Late Dr Samson Kisekka, Prof Apollo Nsibambi, Rhoda Kalema to mention but a few.

Are you interested in nominating someone for these Awards? Below is the criterion for nomination:

For the one to be considered for any of the mentioned awards, the nominee should:

Be an Old Budonian (as per the provisions of the Old Budonians club constitution) or should have rendered distinguished service to King’s College Budo
Have a clean Public record
For Order of Merit, the nominee should have:

Attained distinguished service in any of the following areas:
Professional People
Public Servants
Entrepreneurs/Business People
Attained a minimum age of 42 years
For Medal of Achievement, the nominee should:

Attain Exceptional Excellence in an important area of Human Development
Render Notable selfless sacrifice in service to humanity
Have attained a minimum age of 35 years
For the Certificate of Recognition, the nominee should;

Have a minimum age of 18 years
Attained exceptional excellence in a very important area of human sacrifice
Have a clean Public record