Why Pay Fees

Why Pay Subscription
The Budo Old Boys Surfaced Shortly After The First Batch Of The Then King’s School, Budo Students Had Completed Their Stipulated THREE Years At Budo.
This was around 1909. The Principal activity of the first Budo Old Boys was to return to the old hill once every year and enjoy their annual evening meal, which was known as SUPPER. They did not go to the hill for a meeting.
The transformation of “Budo OBs” into the “United Budonians Club” came soon after 1927, following the move of the Mengo High School from Namirembe to Budo Hill. This was described as joining Mengo High School with King’s School Budo, resulting into what we now know as King’s College, Budo. This was during the reign of Rev. Canon. H.M. Grace. What had been Mengo High School became Budo Junior School and was housed in CHWA I and CHWA II, the present Ghana and Canada Houses respectively. It was also known as “Lower School”, while the rest of the school was known as “Upper School.”

The badge of King’s School Budo, the LION, was joined with that of Mengo High School to produce the present school crest of King’s College, Budo. It was also decided that now that Mengo High School had been joined with Budo, the Mengo High School graduands were Old Budonians, defacto. This status was extended to the 1927 Old Boys of Mengo High School as well. The result was the formation of a new club which united the OBs of Budo and those of Mengo High School including those who had never set foot at Budo hill. This was dubbed the “United Old Budonians Club.” This provoked uproar among some Budo OBs of 1909 to 1926 and those of later years. This later became what is now known as “The Old Budonians’ Club.”

The old boys agreed to come up with a monthly fee payable by all members so that by the time of going back to school for “supper”, there was more than enough to cater for transport and also donate to any school’s project of their choice.
Today this fee is called SUBSCRIPTION and is payable annually (shs. 50,000) or for LIFE (shs. 1,000,000).